Why isn't my Pixel working on the Checkout page?

Shopify prohibits adding any scripts, including tracking pixels, to the checkout page. The Zotek app tracks the 'Initiate checkout' event, which is triggered when you click the checkout button and happens just before the checkout page loads.

The pixel has been added to your app, but it is not tracking any events. What could be the issue?

Please check if you have enabled the events in the 'Event Tracking Settings' menu of our application. Not all events are enabled by default. Or you may have forgotten to enable our app in your embedded app management.

Why do we need to use the Conversion API in addition to the Meta Pixel? I see that the Meta Pixel already captures all the events?

Pixel is super vulnerable and operating at half capability after the IOS 14 updates. Conversion API covers up the tracking loss due to opted-out IOS devices. This means more data and better reporting. Overall, you'll feed Facebook more valuable data to optimize your Facebook ads.

Is it possible to configure each pixel for individual collections or products using your app?

Currently, our application supports configuring each pixel for each collection. As for individual products, Zotek is actively working to enhance its features and plans to release this functionality in future updates.

Why does Meta require event verification for CartView and CollectionView events?

Because the remaining events are standard events predefined by Meta. However, for the CartView and CollectionView events, we found that there would be valuable product information for advertising. So we have provided additional options for users.

Should I remove the Meta Channel app?

Not necessarily. You can retain the app for other purposes, but when installing the pixel, ensure you select the correct pixel ID to enter into Zotek to avoid any conflicts.

Why is optimizing my Facebook Product Feed important?

Optimizing your Facebook Product Feed is crucial because it enhances product visibility, increases ad relevance, and maximizes sales conversions, thereby improving overall marketing effectiveness and ROI.

What can I use my Facebook Product Data Feed for?

You can use your Facebook Product Data Feed to advertise products on Facebook and Instagram, create dynamic ads, suggest shopping options, and improve product visibility to targeted customers.

The impact of linking your product catalog with Pixel

Linking your product catalog with Facebook Pixel enables the collection of user interaction data, crucial for effective dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook.

How often should I update my Product Feed?

It's generally recommended to update your Facebook Product Feed regularly, especially when there are changes to your product inventory, prices, or product details. The frequency of updates can depend on factors such as how often your product information changes and how frequently you run ads. Some businesses update their feeds daily or weekly to ensure accuracy and relevance in their advertising campaigns.

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